Live in the Power & Pleasure of your Majestic Feminine

Do you know what reconnecting to your powerful feminine energy can do for you?

When you connect to your powerful feminine energy, you open the channel to your true power. 

  • Stop running on masculine energy to get things done
  • Trade stress and overwhelm for ease and flow
  • Attract and magnetize what you want instead of straining or working 24/7 to get it
  • Use your powerful feminine qualities to live more authentically instead of relying on nice 
  • Hold strong boundaries that make your life easier and more fluid
  • Boost the h*ll out of your sex life!
  • Become more connected in all relationships
  • Have fun no matter what – work or play!

My Feminine Mastery Solutions

The Foundational Feminine: Private Coaching

A ten-week, three-step program that takes you out of man mode and into full feminine power for a life of ease, joy and sexiness. 

  • reconnect to your body wisdom and intuition
  • learn and master empowered communication
  • harness your sensual energy for more power and pleasure
  • swap stress and overwhelm for ease and flow
  • replace niceness for authentic, connected power
  • give up control for intuitive leadership and connection

Workshops and Custom Experiences

Grab your girlfriends and UNLEASH in playful workshops that will have you ‘Getting into your Sexy!’ Learn the true secret to being magnetic and communicating what you desire to have it be received graciously.

  • Step into your sexy in powerful group workshops
  • Master the true secret of being magnetic and powerful 
  • Refresh your sexy energy with Sensual Sundays
  • Customize your own group experience 
  • Take a step on the wild side to juice up the ordinary

Mastery Retreats

Step out of your routine and claim a new level of intimacy with your body and soul in a sacred space through teachings, meditation and sensual movement. Reset and recalibrate your life to your true calling and purpose.

  • step out of your routine
  • lavish yourself in luxury
  • claim a new level of intimacy with your body
  • discover your true, authentic purpose
  • reset to a higher level of confidence and poise
  • live like your sexy icon

Majestic Testimonials

“I was unknowingly hurting my ability to communicate with my husband. I learned new approaches that have really improved my relationship and my satisfaction with it.”

Abby T, CA

“This was a celebration of femininity, getting in touch with my senses as a woman and living in my feminine self. This work made that bond with myself richer.”

Sandra P, CA

“I now stay focused on my body and feelings, enjoying the process of integrating my mind and body. I feel more playful with my husband and even in the workplace, and more present with everything I encounter.”

Linda U, CA

"I began working with Leslie at a pivotal time in my life when I was questioning a lot of fundamental things. Leslie guided me down a path to explore something I had forgotten and ignored, my femininity. Through patience and insight, Leslie helped me examine what my femininity meant to me and what role is plays in my life. I had no idea how vital it was to my wholeness as a woman."

MF, Bouder CO

"Working with Leslie opened some paths I didn't know were available. I learned some very expressive natural movement that felt empowering yet playful. My spouse responded quite favorably and enjoyed my taking new risks with intimacy, both us have benefited from a more rewarding level of closeness. Through this experience I learned that if I catch myself being too serious, focused and driven in the workplace, I can remember to let my softer, feminine side flow and glow."


"Before working with Leslie, I was ashamed of my body and especially my backside! This caused me to struggle in the 'man' department even though I was seen as a successful, beautiful woman everywhere else. One of my most transforming experiences from the work came when I was encouraged to embrace my delicious, glorious body - bootie and all - and once I did, it changed everything and life couldn't be better!"

Dr. JF, CA

Why wait to live in the full power of your Majestic Feminine?

Our Majestic Feminine solution is different than any other mastery program you’ll see. Why? We help you get to the root cause, not just treat symptoms.

Never again struggle with not feeling powerful in all areas of your life. Restore the vibrancy that now seems fleeting or inconsistent. Boost your sensual connection for more pleasure in and out of the bedroom. Live in playfulness instead of control and anxiety.

You see, you already have the secret within you. Together, we reclaim it to call forward your most powerful self for more authenticity, pleasure and so you can live squarely in your purpose, instead of wondering what it is or struggling to get there. You really don’t have time to wait. Sign up now for our Majestic Minutes. Or, take the powerful step to contact us to request your application for the Foundational Feminine today!

Feel Fun, Sexy & Beautiful

Do you want to feel more seen? Your sexiness will come naturally and easily when you give yourself permission to expand your boldness and your boundaries of sensuality and playfulness. Every interaction can be a delightful unfolding!

Have Juicier Relationships

Learn how to attract or create a true partnership with your lover. Enjoy the ease of communicating your needs in a healthy, playful manner that honors your lover, and serves you. Experience the bliss of true partnership.

Quiet Inner Dialogue

Have you ever noticed how often your inner voice speaks to you? Is she always nice and supportive? Become aware of and release your judgments by tuning into your intuition and inner guidance so you feel grounded and present in your body, anywhere. Eliminate stress by listening to what your soul is calling for, instead of what your environment demands.

Be a More Effective & Relaxed Leader

Be powerful, respected and feminine while being more connected, authentic and receptive in your leadership role. Accessing your Majestic Feminine will create a natural supply of support that will give you peace-of-mind, release the need for control and generate creative solutions much faster.

Experience Real Self-Love

From intense workouts to strict eating regimes, we often punish our bodies. Create a new set point of what it feels like to be more in your body, release weight, and create healthy, pleasurable pleasure practices.

Enjoy Vacation Sex, at Home

Feeling comfortable in your skin will allow for more freedom in the bedroom – and anywhere else! Reinvigorate a sexless marriage, join your partner to have more adventure!

I think it’s a fantasy in every woman to do something bold and brash and not nice, to burst out of themselves and social norms to get at some level of authenticity.

I think that’s what attracts people. I know that’s what attracts me.” 

Viola Davis, New York Times

 Five Qualities of the Majestic Feminine


As women, we can often struggle with feeling sexy, confident and feminine in our bodies – no matter how good we look. How can we appreciate our bodies when we are constantly pushing for results, being STRONG like a man, and resisting our natural, sublime power? It’s exhausting!

 Thanks to my journey, I know you don’t have to work that hard. As my clients know too, there is an easier, more pleasurable way! It all begins with foundational work in my Five Majestic Feminine Steps:


Learn to trust your inner wisdom and allow your FEELINGS as well as your KNOWING. See value in your journey.


Be purposeful, slow, non-linear and fluid, like a majestic queen.


Be aware of and embrace the nuances of your senses and beauty in each moment with others. Be playful and erotic.

Empowered Communication

Know and ask for what you want, without compromise or control and receive gracefully, being a model for others.


Open to pleasure, beauty and surrender in the spirit of receiving without strain or "trying."

My  Majestic  Story

Ten years ago, Leslie was at the pinnacle of success. Living the dream! Except it was starting not to feel like it. Although she had everything she’d worked hard for during a twenty-five year career as a high-level financial services exec, she felt a strong sense of disconnect and anxiety. Even lethargy. You see, all that running and accomplishing in the masculine world of business had tamped down her authentic feminine self, and she didn’t even know it! She experienced anxiety and lethargy despite all her stunning success, and very uncertain that she was really living her true purpose. 
On a whim, one Saturday, Leslie signed up for an intro to pole dancing class. Sounds crazy, eh? Miss All Business wrapped around a stripper pole! She had no idea then, but the power of moving in her feminine body in that class unleashed a torrent of emotion and sent Leslie on a ten-year journey to explore and reconnect her powerful feminine. It was a transformational journey that she now shares with other women in her life-changing Foundational Feminine programs. 
However, it won’t take you ten years – we’ve laid out the path for you using all the steps Leslie took on her journey. In ten weeks – we’ll have you firmly stepping into your sexy for a life of power, pleasure and purpose. Apply today for your transformation. Contact us for your application to the Foundational Feminine. 

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